Sterilizing Your Puppy

Sterilising your Dog/Puppy.


In this day and age of exponential dog population explosion where, hundreds of dogs and puppies are euthanised daily for lack of homes, therefore it has become an essential duty for all female dogs to be sterilized as soon as possible. (except for registered stud dog breeders)



Female Dog/Puppy spaying.



From very long standing and positive experience I recommend puppy spays to be done between 2 and 4 months of age. Having been privileged to watch the development of most of these puppies I can guarantee that they have been the healthiest and least troublesome dogs throughout their long life. Dogs spayed after their first season, or at an older age usually undergo a bigger and more traumatic operation with progressing age.


Dogs can come into season at any time after 6 months of age. They usually stay in season for three weeks and usually become quite troublesome. During this time they have to be kept in isolation and care must be taken to ensure that other dogs cannot smell them or their urine, or else all male dogs in the area will be attracted. In a effort to reach the in-season female they will scale any wall, cause destruction and fight among one another, thus endangering both human and animal life. Unspayed female dogs are prone to uterine infections, mammary cancer and other undesirable conditions, etc.



Male Dog/Puppy Castration.



Again the age of two to four months has proved to be the most appropriate time (providing that the testicles have already dropped). Older dogs can experience more pain and trauma with this operation. Also some dogs if not castrated have a tendency to become aggressive at the age of three years and unmanageable at six years of age.


It will prevent your dog from escaping or getting lost during his attempt to reach a female dog in season.


  • Dog fights.

  • Traffic hazards.

  • Marking his territory.

  • Cancer of the genital organs.




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